Rubik cube game solution

rubik cube game solution

If the cube is not complete, apply L2 B2 L' F' L B2 L' F L' an additional time. You have now solved the Rubik's cube!. A new method devised by Dr George Christos, where he does opposite sides of the cube simultaneously. A. Thanks I've been wanting to solve a rubik's cube for ages this video really helped me but I get a how to. rubik cube game solution

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Hierfür gibt es ein paar kürzere Algorithmen: Not Helpful 23 Helpful Do not change any faces; just turn the entire cube. At this point, the cube is going to look screwed up. X should be on the D face, and Y should be on the B face. Now you should have a non-yellow edge piece on the D face. If you have a corner in the correct position, move down to the next bullet point.

Rubik cube game solution Video

How to Solve the Rubik's cube! (universal solution) Bubble hit kostenlos downloaden this question Flag as Culture Pop Culture Rubik's Art Movies Music Videos Commercials Architecture Statues Exhibition Museum Robots Mosaics Gifts Magic Tricks. U R U' R' U' F' U F - U2 - U R U' R' U' F' U F Wenn keine Kante mehr auf der oberen Seite ist, musst du diese zuerst herausholen. Bis jetzt war die Lösung des Würfels relativ einfach und intuitiv, doch das ändert sich jetzt. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 0. Position Yellow Corners 7. If the white corner piece is where it belongs but turned wrong then first you have to pop it . It will stay in schiß position until noted. Use the same process to bring the three other white corners to the white face. First we must pop it out inserting another one in its place. WHITE opposite YELLOW ORANGE opposite RED GREEN opposite BLUE. Refer to a specific piece of the cube. X should be on the D face, and Y should be on the B face. Repeat with the remaining yellow corners. This becomes easier and faster once you stop thinking about the memorized sequences in terms of letters and numbers and start moving them to your muscle memory. Turn the cube so the white center is on the U face. Refer to a specific piece of the cube. Place the 2 correct corners in the back A, B or diagonally A, D or B, C across from each other. Oberes Kreuz Im vierten Schritt bilden wir ein gelbes Kreuz auf der gelben Seite. Rotate the U face until exactly one edge piece matches the color of the center it touches. Rotate the cube so the correct corner is in the FUR position, and the FUR square matches the F center color. From here there are four possibilities: Now you should have a non-yellow edge piece on the D face. The color on the edge piece's top U face will determine the direction the edge piece should move. Tauschen der Kanten 6. These include many speed methods, such as the Fridrich method, which combines the white corners step with the second layer step, the yellow edges step and the yellow corners step, and the positioning of edges step and the positioning of corners step. Here are a few examples: Diese bestimmen die Farbe der Fläche. I'm a reporter to check how websites and pages are doing. Klicke auf die Knöpfe , um die Bewegungen animiert zu sehen.

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